Workforce Mobilizer Features

Job Costing

Comprehensive easy to use analytics that provides you with up to date profitability on accounts, contracts, jobs, and more along with comparative of technician or team profitability. We go one step further by comparing estimates to actual costs versus collections.

Activity sets

Provide a means to automating a series of actions driven by a given event. Apply predefined complete preventive maintenance plans with recurring visits, progressive billing schedules, contract renewals schedules and much more. This feature will ensure everyone will respond to the tasks needed in a timely fashion.

Accounting integration

We understand the importance of your accounting system and will seamlessly integrate with it. As long as your accounting system has an integration point configuring the interface takes but minutes. Popular accounting systems we integrate with are QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP….

Mobile Field App

Our mobile application is platform-independent and works on any smartphone, tablet or computer from any manufacturer with any operating system ensuring you will never need to replace existing devices or buy special devices. The application is feature-rich and has all the tools your workforce might need in the field from day planners to system driven tests, diagnostics, troubleshooting steps and even include integration with 3rd party diagnostic tools such as Alber cell cellcorders, Midtronics, Hioki, Ibex, Fluke and more.

Mobile sales app

A powerful tool for your mobile salesforce from tracking accounts and contact to managing meetings and phone calls to generating accurate sales quotes and bids while in the field.


Our system is designed with On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes and a WYSIWYG report designer you can generate millions of reports by simply dragging and dropping data components and will never need someone to “program” a report for you.

Preventive Maintenance automated schedules

This feature will help ensure that standard preventive maintenance schedules are set in the calendar with the associated appropriate tests, measurements, and procedures are executed based on set standards on the proper visits and proper equipment.

Equipment and Service type driven checklists, readings, and measurements

Our unique system will ensure the quality of your rendered services by providing dynamically driven procedures, tests, readings and measurement based on the type of job and the type of equipment being serviced.

Diagnostics integration

Alber, Hioki, Midtronics, Ibex, Fluke: Our integration to testing and diagnostics tools can generate graphical charts and trending charts to quickly identify and demonstrate upcoming failures before they occur and provide a powerful tool to emphasize essential remedial repairs your clients before failures occur and clearly make you a valuable asset in their business continuity plans.

Equipment lifecycle trending reports and graphs

Trending graphs can help clarify when your clients will have maximized infrastructure investments and when additional maintenance investments are needed and justified making it easy for them to identify when it is most wise to invest in your additional services.

Invoicing and POs

Trending graphs can help clarify when your clients will have maximized infrastructure investments and when additional maintenance investments are needed and justified making it easy for them to identify when it is most wise to invest in your additional services.

Invoices and Purchase orders are your bloodstream and are derivatives of the services you provide, and our system simplifies and automates their timely and accurate generation with minimal effort.

GPS intelligent routing

reduce downtime, travel time, mileage and vehicle wear and tear will reduce your operating costs while increasing the amount of billable work your team can generate. This is but one of the efficiencies our system provides to increase your profitability by up to two folds what it currently is.


eforms, templates, and electronic transmission: Increase and enhance the way you communicate with your customers reducing in house operation costs while increasing customer satisfaction and visibility to the value you provide

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

CRM is one of our cornerstones to improve not only customer relations but also to maximize opportunities and make your salesforce smart and agile. The ultimate integration we provide between the field service management and CRM creates a unique synergy between those departments and will not only identify field opportunities to your internal sales force but also promote sales opportunities to your field service operations.

Contract Management

When clients give you mid or long term service contracts to maintain their equipment they expect it will appease their worries and maximize their equipment investments. Only by properly respecting those engagements will you satisfy their expectations and create long term relationships with your clients. Our intelligent system makes it easy to manage and deliver on those expectations and build a trust your clients can quickly recognize.

Patented Equipment Smart Tags

with the venue smart devices and the Internet of things, your clients have come to expect more and to be able to access any valuable asset’s information through the use of smartphones and tablets. Our patented smart tags enable you to provide your clients with all past current and even upcoming future maintenance services you provide on an individual asset basis by simply hovering their smart device’s camera on any specific piece of equipment and accessing the equipment’s specifications, maintenance history, outstanding recommendations, and even future preventive maintenance schedule.

Inventory management

ensuring you have the ideal qualities of needed parts at all times can substantially reduce the chances of costly excess inventory as well as reduce the costs of acquisition of the said inventory. Those savings can represent a substantial part of your net annual income and boost the value of your company while providing great financial benefits.

Corporate day planner

You have perhaps heard the saying “herding cats” well sometimes running a field service company with most employees out somewhere in the field most of the time can often feel like herding cats. Our system provides not only a view of who is where doing what at all times but it also provides the perspective from a corporate day planner view in which you can not only see where people are currently and what they are up to but also provide them where they came from doing what and where they will be tomorrow, next week, and further in the future. We like cats but not chasing them around.

Dispatch console

Our dispatch console is not one single tool but a suite of tools designed to effectively manage your field operations from all perspectives. With tracking monitors as technicians go from job to job and views into load balancing your resources throughout the year based on your customer base’s needs we ensure you maximize your resources and reduce your operating cost by minimizing downtime, unnecessary travel, limiting your fleet’s wear and tear.

Activity alerts

Smart alerts are key to ensuring things are being conducted and accomplished in a timely and efficient fashion that is why our system generates smart alerts for all activities from internal meetings to contract renewal to field operations enabling you to feel the pulse of what is happening at all times.

Resource Planner

as part of our dispatch console, our resource planner can help identify resource availability and lack of utilization to ensure you are maximizing the use of your technicians at all times.

User defined Equipment definitions and service instruction sets

our system comes with a unique feature of system generated contextual service instruction sets by which it will give specific procedure instructions and enforce proper measurement and test are taken. These instructions sets are dynamically assembled based on the combination of the type of equipment to be serviced and the type of service being provided thus ensuring a superior level of quality of services is being provided to your clients.

Document management and cloud storage

the more credible information you have access to the better your chances of making the right decision and thus we recognize not all important information can be stored in a text field. That is why we provide the ability to store in our cloud provided platform all and any external document, image, video or any other digitized media and link those to specific data elements such as clients, quotes, jobs, purchase orders, invoices, or any other activity so this additional and sometimes invaluable information is immediately and easily accessible at all times in the office or out in the field.

Deferred Revenue Calculator and reports

many of our clients provide preventive maintenance services to their customers for which they may be paid for in advance. Being paid in advance does not mean you have to pay taxes the moment you get paid as you have not yet “earned” those revenues. Our system offers a deferred revenue calculator which at the click of a button can tell you how much revenue you should pay taxes on. You will eventually have to pay the piper but if a company has but $1,000,000.00 in those types of revenues on the average you will postpone the taxes on $750,000.00 of those revenues each quarter which can represent a very substantial sum of money which can be put to better use and help grow the company without having to borrow for tomorrow.

Timesheet automation

The timely capture of worked times is crucial for both payroll and invoicing for work provided. Your workforce being in the field can create a challenge to gather those in a timely fashion and can prove costly if to do so you need your field technicians to stop by the office. Our time management and electronic timesheets provide your field technicians with a tool to capture, enter, validate, and electronically sign their timesheets while in the field eliminating the lag time response and the costs of aggregation.

We understand that no matter how good the tools at your disposal you will not be successful without proper understanding and being able to master the use of those tools and thus we provide not only initial but continuous training to our clients at no cost. Training, as well as support, are all included in your subscription. Anything that has a cost associated with it is looked at as an expense and we tend to try and limit our expenses and we do not want you to limit your proficiency in the use of the system. As we see ourselves as a key partner to your success more than simply a vendor we will always do our best to provide all training as well as consulting on system use as well as best practices in business processes at no cost to all our customers. Making your success is not only our goal it is our mandate!