Integrated Charts and trending charts
to track battery wear and shelf life

Workforce Mobilizer now can generate graphic charts of battery tests to help your clients visualize the current state of their system batteries.

The charts can be of the current state of the batteries or be shown as a “trending” to further visualize the degradation over time of each individual battery which can help demonstrate the sense of urgency to replace failing batteries.

The charts can be for any measurement such as DC Volts, Resistance, Impedance, or any other measurement.

The charts can also show “watch” and “replace” levels which can indicate when the batteries are about to fail or have failed.

The measurements themselves can be taken by measurement devices such as Alber Cellcorders, Midtronics, Hioki, Ibex, Fluke and other brand bettery testers.

The graphical charts can be integrated into the actual service reports sent to the customers.

Battery testing equipment integration

Workforce Mobilizer recently added integration with the Fluke battery testers.

Our software already integrated with other testing equipment such as Alber, Midtronics, Hioki, and Ibex battery testers.

The integration allows the technician to import into a client service report the measurements taken for each individual battery.

Utilizing this data, our system can then generate graphical charts of the current states of the individual batteries

with “watch” and “replace” benchmarks and will flag in yellow the “soon to be needed replacement” batteries and in red for “failed batteries needing an immediate replacement”.

Trending charts as to the decline over time can also be generated to further demonstrate to the customer the urgency to address the need to replace those batteries.

Workforce Mobilizer now integrates with QuickBooks’ Online version Using Aaatex Corporation’s integration point:

Workforce mobilizer has integrated invoices and purchase orders with several Accounting systems for over a decade already including QuickBooks desktop versions but until recently QuickBooks’s Online version had no integration points.

Through the integration of Aaatex’s Transimporter we have bridged the gap with QuickBook’s online edition. The Transimporter allows the exchange of Account, Invoice, and Purchase Orders with QuickBooks Online

and eliminates any need for redundant data entry. The Transimporter installation and configuration takes but minutes and will save you hours of data entry each week. Contact us for more information.

Workforce Mobilizer’s partnership with Big Red Consulting offers premium integration with QuickBooks Accounting Desktop versions:

Workforce Mobilizer through its integration with Big Red Consulting’s IIF Transaction Creator software as created a seamless integration with the desktop versions of the QuickBooks accounting software

enabling the exchange of invoice and purchase order records between our system and QuickBooks. The integration not only exchanges the transactions but as well the customer and vendor data ensuring the

is absolutely no need for any redundant data entry and thus ensuring the integrity of both systems. Contact us for more information.