Choosing a Service Solution: Size
matters or does it?

Consider the size of your company when selecting software and the impact it may have on your company’s operations.

Large companies have the resources to implement “feature-rich” systems that are naturally more complex to implement. Smaller companies do not have the same resources to properly implement complex applications and should consider simpler software that will be easier to implement.

At the same time, a simpler solution may solve today’s needs it may not support your growth objectives.

The ideal solution today may prove to be insufficient to meet future growth. Software scalability is key. At Workforce Mobilizer we recognize the needs of a company will change as it grows and so we designed it so that you can turn on features as needed allowing the system to scale as your company grows.

We recognize the progression of companies as they grow and the use of our features as a foundation in the decision-making process you should go through when selecting a software provider.

We furthermore recognize that as you “turn on” these features you will need help implementing them and may need access to “best business practices” in the use of those features to successfully rolling them out to your users so we go one step further than all our competition by providing both TRAINING AND CONSULTATIVE SERVICES AT NO COST.

Our success is measured by your success. So, when considering implementing a software system for your operations think of your current and future needs and how scalable the solutions need to be as well as how that provider will help you scale when it comes time.

November 21, 2019

Synergy: how does it work and
how can you benefit from it?

Synergy is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect GREATER than the sum of their separate effects .

The keywords here are “interaction” and “cooperation” where we intersect “inter” or between and “coop” together.

It is about efficiently exchanging the outputs of one process with the inputs of another.

It is about promoting information from one event to help drive another event that may not even occur which without it. It is about generating an increase in new sales opportunities while reducing the energy and effort needed to deliver the sold goods.

To put it simply, it is about selling more while reducing costs. How do we get this dynamic working for us?

The best way is through software systems that promote exchange data from one process to another based on set of events and conditions.

Relevant data captured in one business process is automatically passed on to the next and can even initiate the next process.

At Workforce Mobilizer we proved this concept during our inception phase over 15 years ago when we applied these concepts to our software as it was being developed and being used in real life by a service company.

Over the two year period of this “proof of concept” project with the company, by promoting key credible information from one department of the company to another at the proper time and context our solution proved this concept by taking this service company with an annual revenue of roughly $5M annually to almost $10M.

This took place in a 2 year period without the need to hire additional personnel.

The results proved the proper interaction and cooperation as generated by the system did produce a result greater than the sum of the resource it was applied to.

This “synergy” is part of what we bring to the table for our customers.

Don’t take our word for it, call us and ask us to show you how we make this happen...

November 21, 2019